When you love what you have you have everything you need.

- American Hippe

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller

The only way out is through
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About me

andhya is a naturally gifted intuitive who has committed her life to being a healer of the heart, mind, body and soul. Her passion is to touch the heart of those she encounters and to teach them how to consciously create their life through the understanding that every thought, word or action shifts the energy in their field and creates their destiny.

Sandhya’s field of study includes training and certification in various concentrations such as Crystal Sound Healing, Hypnotherapy, psychic development, Intuitive readings, psychometry, past life readings, energy clearings, chakra balancing, Reiki, inner child therapy, Shadow work and spiritual counseling. She uses a mixture of clairvoyant visions and intuitive knowing along with communicating with angels, guides and loved ones. The readings can assist you in receiving guidance about your spiritual path, life changes, life purpose, relationships, career, angels and guides. The focus of her work is for your highest good and support.

Reiki sessions are unique and profoundly healing, with a deep focus on negative emotions and balancing the Chakras with crystals. She finishes her sessions with a “Ganesh Mantra,” that removes all negative obstacles. Her healing gift has allowed her the joy to help others heal and navigate through the challenging times in their lives with Reiki.


Additionally, in 2019 she became a Light work Practitioner. With this vast knowledge in all areas of metaphysics, Sandhya is able to heal on all levels of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

My Background

My Background: We all are gifted with unique gifts from the time of our birth weather or not we realise. I have realised my gift as ability to be a healer after a near death experience in 2015 after which I was forced to look into my innerself and heal my own traumas and childhood problems. I have been walking the path of discovering self and as part of that embarkment I have read different self-help books, signed up various different courses. Learning more about inner self I have learnt most about this world. For me, there is no greater joy than witnessing first hand a person’s journey of self-discovery and transformation.


- Oracle Card Reading - Chakra Balancing - Energy Healing - Crystal Bowl/Sound Healing - Crystal Energy Healing - Past Life Regression - Reiki - Inner Child Therapy - Inner Family System (Voice Dialogue) - Aura Cleansing - Holistic Counselling

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